Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

We’re continuing our conversation about a fulfilling life (link: previous blog) today. We’re exploring the question, how do you turn your life into a fulfilling one? You may have heard the saying “it’s not about the destination but the journey” and your life journey has 4 focus points: relationships, gratitude, transcendent, and challenges. We’ve talked about relationships and gratitude in past blog posts, but here are a few more pointers.

Relationships are critical to a fulfilling life. We need to interact with other people and share our lives with family and friends. Studies have even shown that surrounding yourself with good people can make you a better person. Although developing relationships take time, energy and courage, the relationships have a big impact on who we are.

Having gratitude is also important in a more fulfilling life. People who focus on gratitude tend to be more forgiving and happier. Keeping gratitude at the forefront of your mind can change how you see the world. Volunteering and giving to charity, suppressing negativity, meditating, writing and reflecting are good ways to help you build more gratitude.

Where does working capital and Far West Capital come into play? Think about the illustration below and come back next Tuesday to find out.

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