Keeping the Dream Team Happy

The Golden State Warriors are on track to be the best team in the NBA. Sure, Steph Curry shoots crazy three-pointers that almost always go in, but he wouldn’t be the star he is today without a badass team behind him. Warriors’ Assistant Coach, Luke Walton, recognized the power of building and maintaining a strong and happy team, which is why he went to battle for one surprising perk.

What did this NBA team go to battle over? It was getting a PB&J sandwich back. After a new training staff started them on a strict diet, they could no longer have their favorite sandwich. Although they could handle cutting out most sugars, sweets and forms of gluten, this was more than a sandwich. To say they love PB&J would be an understatement – the sandwiches have become part of who they are as a team. Most of the players kept giant jars of Skippy peanut butter and Smuckers strawberry jam in the locker room. Whether it was tradition, superstition or simply to have some old-fashioned comfort food, Coach Walton recognized how important this ritual was to team morale.

So, are the warriors more successful because of PB&J sandwiches? Maybe… maybe not; but we do know they sure are happier and that’s just as important.

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