Persist and You Win


What is our recipe for success? Discipline and constant self-improvement. Here are some tricks we use that can help you unleash your greatest potential.

Write Down Your Goals
It’s as simple as that. Every day, write down your intentions for the week. There is empirical evidence that shows that writing down goals enhances goal achievement and is most effective when combined with commitment and accountability.

Attend a Support Group
Find a group of people whom you respect who all want to help you be the best version of yourself. Make a commitment to your group and make them a constant priority. Persistence is key here. Focus on the accountabilities from the prior week, discuss achievements, blessings and gratitude, and then write down the accountabilities for next week with your partners’ full support. Rinse and repeat each week.

Get a Coach
Although you may think you know a lot (and you probably do), there is always more to learn. If you want to supercharge, get a coach or a mentor who will give you honest advice and guide you. The Five Minute Journal is a great alternative to a coach. It helps you reflect on the positive things and also makes you think about how you could have done even better.

Self Discipline
If you focus on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional disciplines, you’re already on the right track. Make sure that every step you take is a step in the right direction toward accomplishing your goals.

How do you persist and win in your own life? Let us know in the comments below.

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