Meditate for a Stronger Mind

It is no secret that we like to emphasize the importance of healthy minds and healthy bodies in order to be a successful entrepreneur. The benefits of mental and physical health go hand in hand with productivity, which is why we encourage the practice of yoga and meditation.

Those who practice mindfulness meditation have stressed the sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation that is achieved, but the benefits go beyond that calm, relaxed feeling. According to a Harvard research study, meditating for about 30 minutes a day results in major increases of gray matter in the part of the brain responsible for self-awareness, compassion, and introspection.

The study also found that frequent meditation reduced gray matter in the part of the brain associated with anxiety and stress. If simply dedicating a half hour a day to meditation can alter your brain structure for the better, we can’t think of a reason to not make time for this relaxing activity.

Healthy minds can lead to innovations in the workplace, a happier home life, less overall stress and more; the possibilities are endless. We encourage you to set aside the time to unplug and meditate. Your brain will thank you.

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