REI Encourages You to #OptOutside

We are starting to see a renaissance of brands who “get it.” We were pretty impressed with Patagonia’s boldness when it came to breaking the consumerism chaos and now it’s time we applaud REI. The retailer has put a stop to the Black Friday madness and has requested that, in lieu of shopping, everyone spend the day outdoors.

Adventure and passion for the great outdoors is the heart and soul of the REI brand. By focusing on this passion they’ve been able to truly understand their customers. People who shop at REI shouldn’t be waiting in line to buy discounted products; they should be spending their time and money on an incredible adventure. Understanding this fundamental element of the REI shopper has made the #OptOutside campaign a raging success . . . and Black Friday hasn’t even happened yet! We are excited to see what chain of events this will create with other popular brands. Fingers crossed that others follow suit and we can all go back to enjoying our holidays without all the Black Friday insanity. We salute you REI.

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