More Than Working Capital Series: Perseverance

This post is a part of our blog series called “More Than Working Capital.” We know it takes more than working capital for a business to be successful, and we will occasionally post about what we think is important for successful leadership, a successful career and/or a successful business.

My family and I took a trip to beautiful Seadrift, Texas at Falcon Point Ranch a few weekends ago.  We went fishing and I couldn’t help but think about how what happened relates to business.

My oldest son, who will be a new Red Raider in the fall, was sitting bored but would not quit while my youngest and I were sort of done. Then, as we were shooting the breeze, he caught a 30-inch Redfish.

His success inspired us to get up and start fishing, and my youngest then caught a huge trout.

Our fishing trip was a good reminder of how perseverance can pay off in the end. Yes, the task may be or seem boring, time-consuming or worthless, but you have to continue to put in the effort if you want to land a big one. Progress takes time, and you never know when the right opportunities will line up in your favor.

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