What It Takes to Win

After 30 years, the Dallas Mavericks finally won an NBA championship. But this honor meant a lot more than simply beating another team or redeeming themselves from the 2006 playoffs against the Miami Heat. It’s a picture of winning with class, focus, heart, teamwork and good leadership. Here are a couple of examples of those things:

  • Owner Mark Cuban shared the limelight with team founder Donald Carter at the presentation of the trophy and made sure he was the first to hold the trophy.
  • Point Guard Jason Kidd, the once oldest NBA player yet to win an NBA championship, made sure to give Miami players long “good game” words before celebrating.
  • Even though ESPN and others had been saying all season long and even in the playoffs they wouldn’t make it, the team, backed by die-hard fans, kept their focus on the goal.
  • Another good example of focus is when Dirk ignored immaturity shown by the opponents off the court, even when asked to comment, and showed his priorities on the court.
  • Dirk is an unbelievable player, but when sickness set him back, the team showed they’re not a one-man-show and they were all in it together.
  • The team follows the strong leadership of Coach Carlisle, and he knows when to just let them do their thing.
  • And last but not least, it’s also about hard work, determination and desire, all of which were clearly seen in the playoff games.

Does your organization exemplify any or all of the characteristics? How would your organization be different if it did?

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