Preparing For 2011: Business Goals

2011 is less than one month away. Are you ready? Now is a great time, before the busy holidays, to start planning for the New Year. When it comes to your business goals, it’s extremely important to continuously monitor them. You need to know what is and isn’t working and make adjustments. Here are some tips to prepare your business for a successful new year.

1. Review your goals from this year
How did your business do this year? Did you meet your bottom line? Review your company’s successes and missed opportunities. Think about why some goals weren’t reached this year and what processes can be improved to make your company more efficient. Also remember to analyze your internal relationships (your employees) and external relationships (your clients and potential clients). Thoroughly reviewing your year will help you set your goals for the next year.

2. Set new long-term goals for 2011
Remember that the goals you set must be realistic, measureable, actionable and supportive to the overall goal of the company. Set goals for gaining business, improving communication, keeping a budget and making your company more efficient and competitive.

3. Plan the strategy and short-term goals to meet the new long-term goals
Now that you have your goals set, list the actions (short-term goals) needed to accomplish them. Create a deadline and schedule and assign it to employees, if it applies. Overall, make sure all of your short-term goals match your long-term goals.

What are you doing to prepare your business for 2011?

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