Tips For Choosing Holiday Gifts for Your Clients

Can you believe Thanksgiving was last week? The holiday season will be here before we know it, which brings me to the subject of holiday gifts. If you haven’t decided and ordered your company gifts for your clients then it’s time.

Some of the most popular company holiday gifts include calendars, gift certificates, gift baskets, bottles of wine and flowers. Gifts branded with your company logo are also popular. No matter which gift your company decides, remember these tips to make your holiday gift giving merrier.

1. Research company gift and shipping rates
No need to break the bank when buying and sending holiday gifts. Look for gifts that have discounts when you buy in larger quantity or companies that have holiday specials. Also, make sure what you’re sending won’t cost more than the gift. Many companies will include free shipping when you purchase in large quantities.

2. Choose gifts that are useful, thoughtful, or tasty
Be unique and fun with your gift selection. Will your recipient actually use the gift? Your clients in Chicago might need another paperweight (you know, the Windy City), but I think it’s safe to say they won’t be too excited about receiving another coffee mug. Specialty foods to your city or state, such as famous salsa from Texas, are also creative options (Jardine’s in San Marcos will make customized labels). Also, consider who will be receiving the gift: an individual or the whole company office? Food gift baskets are an easy and fun thing to share at the office.

3. Always include a personalized card
Sure, the gift basket might be tasty and thoughtful, but the words on the card are the most meaningful. In your card, show your sincere appreciation for their business and/or support, wishes for a good holiday season and excitement about what the new year holds.

Here are some potential gift ideas with some links included:

1. The ever-popular popcorn tubs.

2. Custom-made wrapping paper.

3. Your company-branded/labeled wine. (You can even get these from a local winery.)

4. Jardine’s salsa. (And you can even have Jardine’s produce custom labels.)

5. 2011 Desk Calendar & Pen Set. Many companies sell these in all kinds of varieties and themes.

6. BBQ utensils & BBQ sauce. (With or without your company logo.)

7. An awesome gift of coffee (everyone loves coffee):

8. Or coffee and more:

9. Swiss Army has really cool corporate gifts:
Like binoculars and Swiss army knives. Even under $50!

10. Umbrella.
It’s always blue skies under this umbrella:

We already have our gifts ordered, and we’re excited to hear how our recipients like them. And, of course, we have the gifts ordered for our offices to enjoy, too! What are we sending you ask? You’ll have to wait until after the holidays to find out!

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  • Dotty Griffith

    I am interested in a Texas- or justice-themed calendar for our organization’s 75th anniversary year 2013. Do you have anything that might work for us? I am interested in a spiral bound stand-up desk calendar. Perhaps interested in supplying some of our own photos.

    • Cole

      Hi, Dotty! Thank you for reading and responding. We don’t create promotional products but we work with some good vendors. For your calendars, maybe Made to Order can help!

  • Earng

    Whoa I love this gift list, how did you do it? Super cool formatting, you’re just so cutnitg edge:) AND I love the gifts too, I like those little gold USB people:) Love you beautiful, it’s almost Christmas!

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