Social Media’s Impact on Businesses

It’s been almost a month since I’ve joined Facebook, and though I’ve already been on LinkedIn and Twitter for a while now, seeing the impact that social media has on businesses and society is interesting.

Social media has changed how we all connect with people and businesses. In the blog post earlier this week, I wrote about branding and how it has helped companies succeed. Social media has given companies more opportunities in building their brands and has taken branding to a whole new level. Consumers are now able to easily start conversations with companies by Facebook wall posts, receive their immediate updates through tweets and ultimately, deepen the relationships and brand loyalty with companies. The companies that do social media well are capitalizing on these interactions by immediately following up with responses, providing relevant and useful content, and showing that the company is present and eager to make their fans’ interactions positive.

While social media has become so prevalent in many businesses, it’s important to remember that not every company will benefit from using social media and traditional methods of communication such as phone calls and emails are still very important. If online is where you can find your target audience, social media can help take the existing relationships further or start new relationships.

So, while you’re catching up on your social media networks today, don’t forget to connect with Far West Capital by clicking the links below. We look forward to connecting with you.


-Cole Harmonson
President and CEO

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