Start Preparing for the Holidays

With triple digit heat, it might not feel like the holidays are near in Texas, but they’ll be here before we know it. Don’t let the season sneak on you and begin preparations now so you and your company can take the time to enjoy the holiday season and appreciate what it’s truly about.

1.     Prepare holiday cards

Holiday cards are a great tradition to maintaining good relationships with business partners and clients, especially if you add creativity to make your card stand out. Create an Excel spreadsheet to keep up recipients and maintain your list throughout the year to ensure no one is left behind.

2.     Create a fundraiser

A fundraiser is a great way to bring the company together and give back to the community. Get employees involved to select the cause. Create a sense of team contribution and allot plenty of time so it can be successful.  Share the results and the appreciation from the organization with your company.

3.     Plan a holiday party

If your office wants a holiday party, start by deciding on the logistics, such as the budget, date/time and location. Get your employees involved in the planning to make the event something your employees would enjoy and begin traditions they will look forward to every holiday season. Remember, this is a time to celebrate and have fun.

4.     Order gifts

You want to make your employees and clients feel appreciated and motivated, especially during the holidays. Need help deciding on the perfect gifts? Check out our blog post about gifts from last year. Websites, such as, also have unique gifts that can be customized to your business.

What are your tips for preparing for the holidays?

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