The Importance of Corporate Giving

“With great power comes great responsibility” is Uncle Ben’s famous advice in the blockbuster hit, Spiderman. Although not all of us have superhero powers or can pull off a red and blue jumpsuit, Uncle Ben makes a valid point.  If one has the power to give, then one also has the moral responsibility to do so. As companies grow in size and profits, they must remember that giving back to their communities is no longer just an option, it’s an obligation, and for good reasons.

  1. Corporate giving promotes a sense of overall company pride and loyalty. Employees that feel that their work supports a compassionate cause are more likely to take pride in their work and company.
  2. Corporate giving creates teamwork and enhances skills of leadership, planning and marketing. It can be used also as a great opportunity for a company to set goals and learn to work together to achieve them.
  3. Corporate giving reinforces a positive company reputation with clients, vendors, investors and most importantly, its community. Although the rewards of giving back may not be immediately dollar – for – dollar tangible, a company who gives back will see the benefits in the long run.
  4. Corporate giving does real good for deserving people, causes and events.  At the end of the day, a company’s success is not only measured by its monetary profits, but also by its legacy and effects on a community.

Here, at Far West Capital, we have supported several non-profit organizations locally and nationally by fundraising and donating. This year, we’ve been proud to support the following organizations: Greenlights for Nonprofit Success, Cast for Kids, Susan B. Komen for the Cure, Rabbit Habit, The Finance Forum, American Factoring Association, Beyond Batten Disease Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Smithville Youth Rodeo, American Red Cross. We’re not trying to toot our own horn here. We truly believe in the power of giving and we hope we’ll inspire you to do the same.

Currently, Far West Capital has challenged itself to double last year’s Beretta USA No Worries Classic fundraising record of $66,351. The money raised by this event will benefit Wonders and Worries, a Central Texas nonprofit that helps families and children cope when parents have a serious illness. To donate and find out more about the Beretta USA No Worries Classic and Wonders and Worries, click here.

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  • Bill

    Nice post…I love the idea of small businesses helping America, you are a great example of how this country should be working.

    • Cole

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Bill! We hope we can encourage other businesses to give back to their communities, too.

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