Last Razor We’ll Ever Buy

Who likes shaving? Not us, at least not until recently. When we heard about OneBlade, a razor promising to deliver the best shave ever, we were intrigued. It was supposedly also the last razor we’d ever buy. Sure, we had our doubts – how could such a seemingly simple razor make such a big difference? Naturally, we had to try it – and, it is hands down a game changer. The results were incredible; the experience was enjoyable; and, even more importantly to us, it was a great reminder about creating benefit-based products.

One of the things that caught our attention was how well this new razor was holding its own in a very competitive market. With giants like Gillette already promoting their next multi-blade variation and start-ups like Dollar Shave Club offering door-to-door convenience, millions of dollars have already been invested in this market. We soon realized the missing factor in most of the other offerings — performance. We all know straight razors can give you the closest shave, but most of us don’t have the skill ourselves or a barber on hand for every shave. This is where OneBlade succeeds. It gives the same results as a straight razor, but with the comfort and forgiveness of a modern cartridge razor.

Additionally, the OneBlade goes against the norm, and for good reason. Contrary to what we see in current marketing and advertisements for shaving, the number of blades after one is useless. Even more so, it has actually proven to be worse. A multi-blade razor does not give a closer shave or a better shave. It is simply just another razor with more blades. At the core, this is why OneBlade – with its one and only blade – is truly the ultimate shaving performance tool.

In our already busy lives, it can be hard to step back and evaluate the products (or services) we use on a daily basis. Are they giving the results we not only expect, but need? It can be uncomfortable to start questioning the results of your own products or morning ritual, but we are here to say it’s worth it. It can be as simple as taking back your morning shave. So, are you ready to take back shaving? Learn more by visiting

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