The Power of Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship is a new concept to the business world and let me be the one to tell you, it is awesome. Intrapreneurs are those at a company who apply the principles of entrepreneurship to fill their role within an organization – they aren’t just there for the money. Think of “intrapreneurs” as the entrepreneurs within a company, thus the “intra” part.  So what should you know about intrapreneurs? Here are 3 key points:

Constantly Innovating – Intrapreneurs are the drivers of innovation within the companies they work for. They have their company’s best interest in mind and will work to provide solutions to unique problems. It’s very common that CEOs don’t have time to constantly brainstorm innovative ideas. This is where intrapreneurs can be extremely handy. They care about the future of your company in a way that your other employees simply don’t. Growing the business is their goal and they do everything in their power to bring in business and achieve success.

Focused On Broad Vision – While entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have similar characteristics, they have completely different roles within the organization they work for. Entrepreneurs are focused on bringing in revenue, while intrapreneurs figure out specific details on how to bring in more revenue. They focus on solving specific problems to reach the company’s goals. To put it simply, they execute problems and work toward achieving goals that entrepreneurs can only wish they had time for.

Future Leaders – As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the successful intrapreneurs who work for you. It’s important to give them recognition because it is likely that they will be the future leaders of your company. Take time to invest in them and show them how much you value their hard work and effort. It is through this recognition that they will continue to put energy into growing and benefitting your company.

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  • Greg Autsumato Links

    I am a Intrapreneur’ been thinking and brainstorming for new sollutions since I enter into thr corporate world’ Iam cuurently initiating an interactive informal market space in Indigenous Communities in Eastern Cape South Afrika’ an Intrapeneur very seldom seeks glory or recognition’ We initiate projects based on how it benefit the collective.

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