Understanding Your Employees

As a business owner, it’s crucial to truly understand your employees. Not only will this help your business thrive, but it will also create a positive and productive work environment for you and those around you. By taking the time to pause and reflect on the needs of others, your business will be one step closer to success. Here are three ways you can achieve employee satisfaction:

Recognize that your employees are different from you. Let’s face it – we’re all different. Our unique roles, personalities and life experiences lead to undeniable distinctions between us, even within our work. Something that motivates your sales team might be completely different for your account managers. So, as business owners, it’s important to realize these differences and shape your communication accordingly. At Far West Capital, we ask each employee to complete the DiSC profile, which allows us to truly understand each team member’s unique needs, desires and communications styles.

Listen. One of the best ways to understand your employees is to simply listen to them. Foster an environment in which employees feel comfortable coming to you with their concerns and let them know that their opinions are valued. After all, the information that they provide could be extremely beneficial to your company.

Unleash their potential. Are your employees utilizing their talents to their fullest capabilities? A huge contributor to employee “burnout” is a lack of passion for designated tasks. Make a point to learn your employees’ strengths and place them in roles that allow them to shine. Your employees will have a newfound motivation for work, leading to better performance for your business.

At Far West Capital, we recognize the importance of understanding our employees. Celebrating individual strengths and encouraging open communication is what we do best. It ultimately allows our team to unleash their potential to the fullest.

Do you have additional tips to add to our list? Share your thoughts with us.


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