Your Company’s Internal Goals Go Beyond Working Capital

Your company goals are important, but how important are your company goals to your staff members? In our newsletter last week, we gave this piece of advice: We all do things for our own reasons and when you have built that relationship (with your salespeople and staff members) to a point where you understand their real motivation, you can help them perform for their reasons, not yours. Here are 3 tips to supporting your company’s goals with your staff’s goals.

1. Set realistic goals
Make goals that will stretch your salespeople/staff to take action, but be realistic about what can be accomplished. Discussing and creating a daily action plan or key goal markers may help achievement.

2. Take time to check in with your staff members
After an initial discussion to find out what their goals in life are (ie. what they are saving up for, what they want to accomplish in life, etc.), make sure to follow up with their progress. Be engaged and supportive.

3. Be active, encouraging and approachable
Create an environment where you are readily accessible to your staff members to brainstorm ideas and discuss processes and concerns. Find ways to encourage and motivate them. Having briefs and debriefs after important meetings and calls can also make sure the team is on the same page.

In addition to working capital, building a strong foundation for your company’s success is important, and your team is an important part of that foundation. Take care of them.

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