Unleashing Your Team’s Potential

Tough MudderAs a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the long hours, tight deadlines and day-to-day routine. And with a dedicated team, it’s easy to pull them into it with you.

Remember that to develop a productive team that is long lasting, however, you must make nurturing them a top priority. At Far West Capital, we offer weekly catering, breakfast tacos several days a week, flexible time off, and health incentives. Get creative with it and know that it is worth it to invest in your team.

Another recommendation is to bring your employees together — with you alongside — through challenging and fun teambuilding events. The Far West Capital team, for example, participated in Tough Mudder over the weekend, and the entire crew left feeling so proud that they could represent the company at the toughest event on the planet.

What a way to unleash our potential through our core values:

·         Team – No one left behind.

·         Passion – Excited and focused; we pushed through 11 miles of grueling obstacles

·         Execution – All 6 participants helped complete each challenge.

·         Excellence – We are all finishers of Austin Tough Mudder 2013

·         Transparency –  We have to admit it’s tough to be transparent when covered in mud.

Find activities and incentives that align with your core values and mission. Start with just one activity – a 5K, volunteer at your favorite organization, or take your employees on a quarterly outing to your favorite restaurant or outdoor spot. The results will make it worth your while, and you’ll have fun in the process knowing you could provide this experience.

How do you invest in unleashing your team’s potential?

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